Crispy tempura vegatables

Crispy Tempura Vegetables

Eat them as soon as they’re cooked, so they’re as crisp as possible.

Serves 2

½ red pepper
A few florets of broccoli
A few florets of cauliflower
4 mushrooms
a few slices of aubergine or courgette, halved
1L vegetable oil

For the batter
80g plain flour
½ tsp cornflour
120 ml very cold sparkling mineral water
a pinch of salt.

  1. Chop the veg into bite sized chunks.
  2. Add the flour, cornflour and salt to a bowl. Whisk in the sparkling water until you have a thick batter.
  3. Heat the oil in a large, heavy pan or deep fat fryer. Make sure it doesn’t come more than halfway up the sides.
  4. When bubbling, dip each vegetable in the batter, shake off the excess, and using tongs, drop into the oil. It will fry very quickly, so watch carefully.
  5. When each piece is golden brown, lift out and drain on kitchen paper.
  6. Serve with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

NOTE: You can use any veg you like, but don’t cut them too small as they will shrink in the oil.

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