Summer gin teacups

Summer gin teacups

This is a divine summer cocktail, and fairly inexpensive if you buy your gin from Aldi or Lidl. Try to use cucumbers that are as fresh as possible.

130 ml gin
200ml peeled, juiced cucumber (use an electric juicer)
4 mint springs
280ml sparkling elderflower juice to taste

  1. Add the gin, cucumber juice and ice to a cocktail shaker or screw-top jar. Shake vigorously.
  2. Strain into 4 teacups, or serve from a teapot if you prefer.
  3. Top them up with 70ml sparkling elderflower juice per teacup
  4. Add a sprig of mint, and serve.

NOTE: These cocktails will be just under 2 units of alcohol each, so warn any drivers.

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